Modification or New Supply

A service connection application [PDF] must be submitted to i-DE to apply for the supply of electricity at the usage points. This application will enable you to carry out the activities required to make those usage points available for signing up.

Service connection applications are classified by reasons, according to the applicant's needs.

The most common reasons for individual (house) and collective (building) supply applications are as follows:

  • Increased power.
  • New supply.
  • Voltage change.
  • Rate change.
  • Special System Production.
  • Installation renovation.
  • Town plan.

The application can be made by calling i-DE at 900 171 171, by email, by post or through the Managing Connection Files office.

An application goes through the following stages from the time of application up to the customer becoming available for signing up:

  • Stage 1: Application phase.
  • Stage 2: Report drafting phase.
  • Stage 3: Project drafting/revision phase.
  • Stage 4: Work execution phase.
  • Stage 5: Start-up phase (available for signing up).

If you are installer and would like to register, you must fill in the installer registration form.