Connection Process Phases

1º Application phase

  • This is the application opening phase. Applicant and electrician details, as well as consumer unit situation and location drawings (where necessary) are collected.
  • When this is done, the final application is opened for reporting.
  • The application will be put on hold until the required drawings are received.


2º Report drafting phase

  • During this phase, the technical department conducts a study of the affected area assessing the activities required to enable the proper setting up of the requested installations.
  • A report is drafted indicating the technical and commercial conditions that will be included in the letter to be sent to the applicant, as well as indicating the documentation that must be provided by the applicant to go ahead with the application.
  • The applicant will then receive the letter containing the conditions. The application will remain open while awaiting a reply. There is a maximum of six months within which to reply.


3º Project drafting/revision phase

  • During this phase, once the applicant has replied to the letter of conditions, the financial agreement is drawn up, the required projects and documentation are revised, and the actions needed to begin the work are taken.
  • If official permits and licences are necessary, they are applied for and the application is put on hold until they are granted.


4º Work execution phase

  • Once the required permits have been granted, work is carried out and the work-related documentation is collected, together with the documentation about link installations.
  • An on-site check is carried out to make sure that the installations have been fitted in accordance with the project, plans and drawings.
  • The data are entered into the systems and made ready for possible signing up.


5º Start-up phase (available for signing up)

  • In this phase, the Electrical Installation Certificates (EICs) are collected and the application is made ready for signing up.
  • The applicant is informed that he can sign up, thus closing the application.
  • From this moment, the customer must purchase supplies for a trading company whom we forward the application of commissioning.