Offering a quality service is one of our main commitments, as set out in Iberdrola group Quality Policy [PDF].

Having a quality system helps us tackle increasingly ambitious challenges through goals linked to continual improvement. Rigorous internal and external audit processes are also established, which ensure that the quality standards defined by our company are met.

Each of our processes is focused on continuous improvement, in order to manage efficiently the grid under our responsibility. We already have a large number of key processes certified according to the ISO 9001:2008 standard, more specifically:

  • Development of systems for managing activities on customers.
  • Connection management.
  • Management of new supplies and grid development.
  • Local Operation and Maintenance of Lines and Transformer Stations.
  • Local Operation, Maintenance and reception of Electrical Substations.
  • Installation, Removal and Replacement of Measuring Equipment.
  • Meter Reading.
  • Third party access contract administration.
  • Electricity Supply Inspection.
  • Publication of technical manuals.
  • Measurement and Control of Continuity of Electricity Supply Data.
  • Procurement and logistics.

In addition, we have implemented internal dynamics in order to share approaches to best practices among different areas within the company, particularly those working on Safety and Environmental issues, which are two basic pillars of our business.