Caring for and protecting the Environment is a priority contained in the Iberdrola group Environmental Policy [PDF], undertaken and promoted by i-DE to ensure that it is integrated into the planning and carrying out of our work in all our businesses and at all levels in the organisation.

This policy is based on a number of environmental strategic lines, called Environmental Guidelines, which state the priorities for minimizing our environmental footprint.

Our environmental policy, guidelines and objectives are aligned within the framework of a Global Environmental Management System, certified since 2006 in accordance with UNE-EN ISO 14001 standard.

The implementation of the Environmental Management System has involved the establishment of an environmental legislation observatory that analyses the amendments and their trends to make sure that they are implemented in new projects, installations and existing activities.

Among the actions undertaken for the implementation of the Environmental Management System, the environmental training given periodically to all the i-DE staff in the Networks business area is worth mentioning. Training is also given on a regular basis to contractors who work in our installations, thus ensuring that the environmental criteria are incorporated into all the activities carried out in the company.

| AENOR Certificate for the IBERDROLA Environmental Management System [PDF] (*) Nota |

(*) Nota Spanish version.