Star Project

  • The Iberdrola group has installed 10.7 million smart meters in Spain.
  • The company has adapted around 90,000 transformation centres throughout Spain.
  • The company has modernised 100% of its meter facilities with a total capacity under contract of 15 kW or less.

The STAR Project (Network Remote Management and Automation System) is an ambitious initiative of the Iberdrola group aimed at transforming technology in the field of smart grids.

The company has transformed the traditional analogue grid, digitised it, automated it and created a grid for the new era that has transformed our company, our network and our culture. Today, as well as being pioneers in the roll-out of smart grids and world leaders in excellence and technological innovation, we are a global benchmark in this field.

Without a doubt, this project has improved grid operations and the supply quality offered to our customers with different levels of digitisation deployed in our transformer substations and in spontaneous events sent by our smart meters.

This digitisation process has meant an investment of €2 billion.

Technological change in the distribution system

Smart Grid is a technological evolution of the energy distribution system that combines traditional facilities with modern monitoring technologies, and information and telecommunications systems. It will offer a wider range of customers services, improve supply quality, respond to the demand for electric power required of society in the future and achieve an optimal power distribution management.

The STAR project combines compliance with the legal obligation of remote management development with an additional, major investment for improving the service rendered and for integrating numerous innovations to the power grid. Thanks to the STAR Project, Iberdrola is one of the most advanced companies in the world in smart grid deployment.