Iberdrola keeps empowering the network digitalization through Bidelek 4.0 project

  • Over 25 companies will be participating in this innovation project which will become a worldwide technological reference, promoting Basque Country capital equipment industry and its energy infrastructure.
  • The value of smart meters and networks automation were proven by Bidelek Sareak project. Now, Bidelek 4.0 will seek for providing greater benefits to customers and networks users.

Bidelek 4.0.

A collaboration agreement to promote the digital transformation of the Basque Country distribution network has been signed by Iberdrola, the Basque Energy Entity (EVE) and the Bizkaia Provincial Council. Bidelek 4.0 project will invest more than 30 million euros over the next three years.

Ambitious objectives

The strategic objectives of this initiative are:

  • Ensure a broader network digitalization allows an efficient integration of self-consumption and other distributed resources, offering new services to customers better informed and more sensible to efficiency and sustainability.
  • Set the roadmap to turn the distribution networks into the enabler of the transition to sustained and clean energies.
  • Demonstrate the functionality of new technological solutions which would increase quality of service and electricity add value to the customer.
  • Implement electricity distributors' evolution to their future role as Distribution Systems Operators (DSOs).
  • Keep the Basque energy capital equipment industry in its leading position.

The Bidelek 4.0 project fits within the Basque Government commitment to promote the industrial and technological development of the future energy network. This project aligns with the Industrialization Plan approved by Basque Parliament and the 3E2030 Energy Strategy, which seek energy diversification and the decrease petroleum products use.

This new smarts grids deployment will require 30 M€ investment and will be carried out by a joint venture between Iberdrola and EVE. This effort will promote the local industry development through innovation and the design of future products and solutions, keeping Basque industry as a worldwide technological reference.

Bidelek 4.0 solutions will be implemented by Iberdrola in its determination to develop more networks and smarter technologies to drive the transition toward a decarburization economy.