Network incidents

If the incident is not located in the customer's installation, but on the grid owned by i-DE, work will begin immediately to locate it and restore service as soon as possible, guaranteeing people's safety.

Sometimes, when there is a problem on the grid, the automatic systems that i-DE has installed are triggered and the problem is rapidly resolved without any further action.

In other cases, these automatic systems are insufficient and the source of the incident needs to be located by maintenance technicians who can assess and repair the cause of the incident.

Depending on the type of incident, it will take more or less time to repair, always guaranteeing people's safety and trying to reduce as much as possible the number of customers affected and the duration.

In the event of detecting the following electrical risks, please inform i-DE as soon as possible:

  • A line cable lying on the ground.
  • Sparks coming from a cable.
  • One of our installations is burning.
  • A transformer station is flooded, etc.

Call 900 171 171 and choose the "Dangerous situations" option to report these events.