If you would like us to help you send a query, complaint or claim, you can generate it through our customer service channels:

  • Digital channels
    In order to generate a query, complaint or claim through our digital channels, log into our Client Area and go to: "Ayuda y contacto > Consultas y reclamaciones" vía web or app. To do this, click here.
    You must have a user name to be able to perform this task. If you do not have a user name for the customer's website or app, click here.
  • Telephone number for Distribution

900 171 171.

  • Claim tracking
    If the query, complaint or claim is made through digital channels (web and app), an email will be sent with the complaint reference number.
    If you do not receive an email within this time frame, you can check the status of the query at our Client Area: "Ayuda y contacto > Consultas y reclamaciones > Consultas realizadas > Ver mis consultas".
    Once the Customer Service Department carries out the analysis of the task and the query is processed as a claim, a claim number will be provided by email for tracking.
    If you want to check the status of the complaint, call Distribution at 900 171 171.