Underground lines

Builders and contractors that work on public roadways should ask i-DE, as well as the possible services' owners, for a report on the location of their underground installations in order to avoid altering them. In those areas where there are companies that deal in data collection, information and services' coordination, they will provide these data.

The contractor must inform the affected companies of the start of the work at least 24 hours in advance. In the event of the work affecting electric piping as a result of nearness or direct impact, the contractor must notify the electricity company or the owner of the services of the start of the work in order to enable on-site checking of the possible effects. Both parties will jointly carry out the laying out to avoid possible accidents or damage.

All of the foregoing is regulated by ITC 06, Point 4.11 of Royal Decree 223/2008 of 15 February [PDF] on high-voltage power line technical conditions and safety guarantees.

Compliance with these instructions can avoid exposure to electrical risks, as well as reduce incidents on the national grid.

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