Metering equipment

The metering equipment, or meter, is a device that measures energy usage. Only personnel authorised by i-DE can handle this metering equipment, since it is permanently energised.

Metering equipment can be located as follows:

In centralised meter rooms

In buildings where several supplies are shared, electricity usage meters are normally found in cabinets in meter rooms.

When meters are located in a meter room, the following guidelines must be taken into account to avoid the risk of electrical accident:

  • The users and the owner of the building are responsible for keeping the meter room in good condition.
  • The meter room must be used solely and exclusively to accommodate the electricity meters and not as a storeroom to keep cleaning material, bicycles, furniture and fittings, or as a lumber room, etc.
  • The meter room must have a fire extinguisher.

In houses

The meter may be located either inside or outside the house. When it is located outside, the meter should be housed in a cabinet, protected with a plastic box. The following recommendations should be taken into account:

  • The cabinet should not be opened or manipulated.
  • If the cabinet cover is open, the owner of the house should be told, or i-DE informed by calling 900 171 171.