In case of accident


  • Before starting to repair any electrical device, make sure that all switches have been turned off on the switchboard, preventing them from being turned on by other people.
  • Do not touch or work near power lines.
  • If you find a wire lying on the floor, follow these instructions:
    • Do not touch the conductor.
    • Avoid getting close to it, and prevent anyone else from touching it.
    • If you have to walk, do so by taking small jumps with the feet together, or take short steps to avoid let-through voltage.
  • Low-voltage safety equipment must be used when working in highly conductive and/or wet enclosures.
  • In case of accident or possible electrical risk, phone 900 171 171 as soon as possible.

Moreover, i-DE is available to all the emergency services and security forces (fire brigades, police, etc.) to explain the different electrical risks that they may come across in the course of duty, as well as how to act in situations that involve electrical risks.