Smart Cities: sustainability and innovation

Here at i-DE we are providing support to local councils and the public in their search for more sustainable models for the energy transformation process.

Smart Cities are active, committed and smart because they seek to improve the quality of life for their citizens through the intelligent use of energy resources.

Spain has made a commitment to the EU to reduce greenhouse gases by 40% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. To achieve this means electrifying transportation and tackling climate control, two of the sectors that emit the most.

At i-DE we are backing cities as key players in decarbonisation through the use of renewable energy sources and the electrification of the economy.

We are making our know-how in renewables and network management available to local councils to support the process of energy transition.


At i-DE we are supporting the orderly and coordinated roll-out of an extensive and reliable recharging infrastructure to facilitate its implementation.

Transportation is the sector in Spain that produces the most emissions. It has a serious impact on air quality, acoustic pollution and health. It is responsible for 40% of total energy consumption and 27% of greenhouse gas emissions.

The use of electric vehicles has doubled in the last two years and is the most effective, efficient and sustainable way to decarbonise this sector.


The cities of the future are those that combine renewable energy generation with inhabitants who are increasingly active and conscientious about the environment.

In every Smart City we are identifying the priorities for improving the quality of the local supply, by adapting the infrastructure in the most efficient way.

We are at the forefront of smart grid development. We have extensive experience in the transformation and computerisation of our networks and an ambitious plan to improve supply quality by 30%.


At i-DE we are helping local councils with the process of identifying opportunities and seeking solutions to improve energy efficiency and contribute to the development of more sustainable cities.

We are backing new energy models that integrate renewable generation and new consumption methods to improve people's quality of life:

  • The electrification of heating: The latest generation heat pumps are the efficient choice for heating and hot water. They transfer outdoor heat to the inside of homes (even in winter) and are 3.5 times more efficient than conventional boilers. The same device also has a cold air function.
  • Photovoltaic generation: We are supporting the integration of photovoltaic generation into cities as part of our commitment to reducing emissions levels and protecting the environment.


Education and environmental awareness are the cornerstones of a successful Smart City model, in which the public hold the key to energy transition.

At i-DE we are contributing to this process by supplying the material needed to provide information about energy: group talks and events, exhibitions, dashboards, etc.