About Us


Iberdrola Distribución Eléctrica is now i-DE, the same distributor as ever, but with a new identity.

We are beginning a new era of unprecedented changes, transforming the networks into a smart infrastructure with increased reliabilty and safety, putting customers at the heart of our activity. The customer thus becomes the real leader in the decarbonisation of the economy and in the energy transition, by allowing him to make decisions about their own electricity consumption and encouraging the integration of renewable energy and electrical mobility into their daily lives.

Our main focuses. Retail. Caring for the environment. Energy transition.


Our job is to deliver electricity to your home or business through distribution networks. We look after the maintenance of the grid, we guarantee the quality of supply and we offer you a 24/7 breakdown service. In addition, we make available with just a click all the information that you need to get the most from your smart grid connection. Trust, innovation and proactivity are our hallmarks.

i-DE has more than 11 million customers and its electricity network extends through 10 autonomous communities and 25 provinces, covering an area of 190,000 km2.

Map of Spain.


In a context of transport electrification and thermal energy, i-DE is focussed on optimising the planning and development of the network.

We are working on the development of new energy models to integrate resources from distributed generation: electric vehicles, storage, photovoltaic panels, etc. Our aim is to enable demand-based management and provide services tailored to the real-time grid situation.

We are concentrating our efforts on the transformation of the networks into a smart infrastructure to push forward in the energy transition strategy and contribute towards the decarbonisation of the economy.

In this way, we are responding to the latest trends and needs in customer relations, which require more customised products and services.

Our vision. New Services. Digitalisation of our assets. Use of big data. Customer service.


Sometimes it's not easy to know which of the Iberdrola group's businesses can help you when it comes to carrying out a particular task. So, in this video, we explain the main differences to help you establish who you need to turn to.