Smart Meter

i-DE is implementing the change from analogue meters to smart meters for all its customers. The smart meters are much more advanced, both functionally and technologically.

Regarding its functions, the smart meter has multiple energy records, is able to manage simultaneously several contracts with multiple rates and provides multiple event logs for power quality and fraud detection.

Technologically, it incorporates a limiter circuit breaker and provides additional communication channels that facilitate remote communication with the meter for reading, sending new tariff tables, modifying the parameters associated with contracts and performance of the internal switch.

Thanks to the smart meter the customers are able to visualize their own hourly consumption and maximum demand through the Clients Area on the customers web, for that click here.

These operations can also be performed on our "i-DE Clientes" app. For more information, click here.

Red light on the Smart Meter

Due to there are several digital meter models and some of their functions and indicators are different, the red pilot on the digital meter provides the main information on the device. These are some of its possible statuses and what they indicate:

  • In some models, if this light is off, there is no energy consumption.
  • In most meters, if it flashes repeatedly, there is energy consumption.
  • If it blinks very quickly, it means that energy consumption has shot up.
  • In some meters, when the red light is on steadily, it becomes locked because the contracted power has been exceeded and power supply is shut down.

In this last case, the internal breaker disconnects and leaves the circuit open.

To restore the supply, the customer needs to call the phone number 900 171 171 and select the option "Falta de suministro" (Lack of supply).

Access is also possible through our digital channels:

  • Customers web, by clicking here.
  • Our new "i-DE Clientes" app. For more information, click here.


How can I reactivate the meter?

If the installation is all right, you need to reset it so the internal breaker automatically closes and the supply is restored. To do so, access the "Reconnect ICP" section.

If there is still no supply after resetting the meter, you need to press the button on the top right of the smart meter (the location will vary depending on the model of the meter installed).