Reconnect ICP

Since the new measuring equipment comes with built Switch Power Control (ICP) is left in the mailbox or in public areas a sticker explaining how to reset the ICP in the case of shooting to exceed the power demanded the contracted.

To reset the ICP must follow the protocol indicated below.

1. Finally disconnect the appliance has been connected to the network or other similar power.

2. Download all the switches of the picture.

3. Wait 5 to 10 seconds.

4. Back up all the switches of the picture.

5. ICP internal counter is automatically closed and you will have service.

In case you have made the reset of the ICP protocol and continue without power, you should see the state of the ICP measuring equipment (CN). To do this you must access the virtual office is on the web, and get Telemanagement menu. If you can not reset the ICP, may be a fault. We recommend that you report it through "Lack of supply" option.

To view or download the sticker click on the link Rearme ICP [PDF].