Within the framework of the best practices adopted by i-DE, we provide our users with simple, easy and low-cost access for gaining batch access to applications that i-DE furnishes for its suppliers and suppliers' ethics mailboxes.


i-DE is offering measurement contractors access to the Reading Operating Centres for carrying out the steps involved in route readings.

All the tools needed by measuring contractors for field work can be downloaded using the Measuring software download application.

Contractors can enter Iberdrola group's (of which i-DE is the grid business subholding company in Spain) internal applications via the METAFRAME Servers using the access below.

Using Constructions and Maintenance of Assets you can perform the main activities related to the Work Management (Constructions and Maintenance), and also to have access to relevant reports related to it. It is an excellent tool for managing tasks at any time of day, from anywhere.

Some options available on this channel include:

- Projects scheduling.

- Works certifications.

- Reports related to projects, materials, etc.

- User guides and interesting information.

In order to know how to request new user look up the Guide [PDF].

Iberdrola group, of which i-DE is the grid business subholding company in Spain, wants to provide its suppliers with facilities for managing their invoices with the company. As part of this policy, an application can now be accessed from the Invoice self-registration section, in the Suppliers area.

As part of the MECO project, which is intended to improve site and work hiring and management, Iberdrola group, of which i-DE is the grid business subholding company in Spain, has provided access to the new Indicators and Incentives tool. This provides transparent information on the results of each of the indicators in the current incentives model, as well as the amount of the incentive to be applied in each period in question.

Iberdrola group's strategic goal stresses the importance of and attention to aspects related to occupational risk prevention in the everyday work of all its employees, in order to achieve the highest possible levels of personnel safety and comply with its duties and obligations in this area. This undertaking must also allow for sustainable, profitable and environmentally-sound growth, and must meet with established commitments on quality.

To this end, Iberdrola group, of which i-DE is the grid business subholding company in Spain, offers contractors access to a web application that allows data and documents to be exchanged on safety, the environment and the quality of the work.

The company considers suppliers to be a strategic stakeholder, and therefore, it has established for them specific guidelines for action in their areas of activity that conform in all respects to the Group's principles and values and are laid down in this Suppliers' code of ethics [PDF], which must be accepted by the Group's suppliers and shall be attached as an exhibit to the respective contracts.

Ethics and transparency are essential pillars of the Iberdrola group. We promote both values in the relations with our suppliers and in which they have with their partners. Thus, we put at your disposal the suppliers' ethics mailboxes. These mailboxes are channels for exclusive use of the companies' suppliers of the Iberdrola group, for the subcontracted companies in turn to provide services to those Iberdrola group companies or supply these companies, for their employees, as well as for the companies which have been part of a supplying bidding process for being suppliers.

Through these mailboxes you can:

- Report breaches by an Iberdrola group professional of the Corporate Governance System or illegal acts, or the commission by a supplier, by one of its subcontractors or by their respective employees of acts against the law or the provisions of the Supplier's Code of Ethics in the framework of their commercial relationship with Iberdrola group companies.

- Query or make suggestions in relation to the Supplier's code of ethics.