From here, retailers with clients connected to our grids may access the various applications that i-DE provides for managing their access contracts: Secondary Concentrator, Web Channel for Requests and Supply Point Information System, and Connection File Manager.

Retailers can likewise submit the readings from their customers' meters and inform themselves of any grid faults affecting their clients.


  • Secondary concentrator

In compliance with legal regulations, i-DE offers retailers access to the Secondary Concentrator application, which they can use to check load curves for customers at which i-DE is in charge of readings.

Access to the application for downloading curves from i-DE's Secondary Measurement Concentrator.

For any queries related to this application, please contact:

i-DE provides retailers with access to the Customer Management (Gestión de Clientes) application. This can be used to manage requests, incorporate new developments from the RPS (Supply Point Register) and check the CUPS (Universal Supply Point Code) and file registrations.

Retailers can contact i-DE's ATR (Third-Party Access) unit in any of the following ways:

- E-mail:

Managing Connection Files is an excellent tool for managing files at any time of day, from anywhere.

Through this communication channel you will be able to speed up the processing of your requests, check their status and have access to the technical and administrative documentation that you may want to see.

It can be operated by electrical fitters, retailers, large customers, engineering firms, builders and developers. If you are installer and would like to register, you must fill in the installer registration form. For other users, it is necessary to consult the Managing connection files user registration and access manual [PDF].

Management and administration options available over this channel include:

- Registering files.

- Attaching documentation.

- Checking file status.

- Receiving notifications.

- Checking manuals and information of interest.

You can report any supply incidents without having to be registered in our online Distribution service.

You can log into our Client Area and report an alleged situation of fraud you may have noticed in the section "Ayuda y contacto" clicking on "Denunciar fraude".

Through its website, i-DE offers the holders of electric power supply contracts in its distribution area the possibility of providing directly the reading of the meter corresponding to the energy usage of the customer.

To use this option, simply note down the meter reading and enter it, together with the requested details.