From here, producers connected to our distribution grid can access their generation tariff invoices through the same application for customers connected to our grid. Thus, Producers can also access i-DE's tool to access data, including their hourly energy production.


Current legislation establishes that in the case of Production installations of Measuring Point type 3 and 5, the responsibility for taking readings from these installations falls on the distributor that owns the lines to which the installations are connected.

The distributor must provide this reading both to the Comisión Nacional de los Mercados y la Competencia and to the producer's representative.

The Producers website is a tool designed for the representatives of installations.

The site also allows the engineering firms in charge of processing applications for connecting photovoltaic facilities to i-DE's distribution network to carry out some of the procedures and formalities required for the technical grid connection contract.

Through this private area at our customer website, electricity producers connected to our grid can access their invoices with the production tolls that we have issued. To do so, go to the Private area in the Customer web.