COVID-19 - Our commitment with you

At i-DE, we work tirelessly so that your day-to-day life changes as little as possible during this complicated situation

We continue to work, day by day, to offer you a safe and reliable supply. Because now more than ever, you need to feel calm and comfortable at home.

The operators of our electrical networks have developed a backup plan to guarantee light in homes and hospitals throughout Spain. Likewise, the technicians of our brigades have continued to reinforce, with dedication and performance, the work of inspection and maintenance of the network.

In addition, we have put a special focus on the real heroes of this pandemic: the health workers. Because the electricity supply cannot be stopped so that they can continue their work.

You can find out everything we have achieved with this hospital support plan, here.

Our commitment in this situation is to take care of the electricity supply, so that you can take care of the most important thing, your health and that of your family. Therefore, you can find here some recommendations.